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Custom Logo Design Maker Canada 2021 – Creative Logo Designer for Business

To begin, there are no clear rules on what the logo designing process should be. Every other designer follows various methods. Some like to discipline their entire process, while others like to quickly boost their creativity and motivation. Reetu Graphic Designer professional logo designers follow a step-by-step manner, which leads to a logo that meets all your requirements. In this article, we will share what the process is.

Our in-depth Logo Designing Process

1. Brand Evaluation:

The first step in our routine is to understand what a brand is. Here, we discuss business goals with the brand, pay attention to their needs and form a core idea of ​​the business. It will include a design brief given by the firm, along with that we get a feel for them. As a business, thus, you should know very well what your business represents, what you want, and who you want to target.

2. Industry Research:

A brand always has competitors in the industry. After our initial discussion with the brand, we get to know who your competitors are and how they are representing themselves. This will not only give us a rough idea about the market but will also tell us about your target customers.
When designing a custom logo design, it is important to keep in mind what the shapes and sizes are with the design, which is attracting attention in your industry. This will determine its progress in the market.

Logo Design Packages Cost Canada3. Area of ​​implementation:

Also known as the location where we search for areas of the logo application, in this step, we discuss with you the locations that you will apply the logo to.
This will not only help us in creating the exact shape of the logo but will also support us to choose the application that we should make it. The most common uses of a logo are for advertising, corporate identity, marketing, websites, and mobile applications.

4. First format:

So far, everything else has been sorted, and it’s time for us to start work on the first draft. Our quick turnaround time and occasional active designers ensure that all other steps are done in just one or two days.
You get the first draft in a very small amount of time. Behind the scenes, however, our designers spend a lot of time on a style that will be best for your business. When we sketch the initial design, we quickly turn it into a vector image before sending it to you.

5. Feedback and refinement:

It is possible and common that you do not like the first draft and want a change in it. As a reliable logo design company, we work on the feedback you give to present the design you are offering.

Although a brand and logo are two different things altogether, your logo plays an indispensable role in your brand identity. Because the logo is often considered an iconic pictorial representation of the brand. You indeed need to create every aspect of branding to firmly establish yourself in the market, but if you have the right professional logo design, then you can do the rest of the things to attract your customers to your business. Can be made in very easy ways. Therefore, try to create a professional logo that can establish a good recall among your customers.

How Much Logo Design Packages Cost Canada 2021A professionally designed logo will enhance your relationship with your customers. Furthermore, it will help you earn loyalty and trust from your customers. If your logo gives a good vibe, your customers will be pleased to see it. Once they are happy, they will remain loyal to your brands or services. Therefore, if you want to strengthen your relationships with your customers then you need a professional logo design.

Many people, including start-up business owners, often think that hiring a professional logo designer will unnecessarily increase their burden. But it is a good and potentially long-term investment. If your logo is unprofessional or practical, customers may not be attracted to your brands.

And in this way, you will lose a part of potential customers because nowadays, the first impression matters a lot. But a professional logo design will inspire your customers to trust and stay loyal to you.

6. Finalization:

After you are happy with the draft you sent, we finalize the file. We provide various high-resolution sizes and include the required differences. If you want to know about the fonts we have used to make these designs, we would be happy to present details of them. This will help maintain a uniform style throughout every project.

Each brand is brought to life using logos, and this goal serves as a representation of the business in the minds of customers. Descriptions such as color, size, fonts, and size play a huge role when it comes to the notion that a logo builds on clients.


We are a Canadian-based design firm dealing with Custom logos, Banners, Brochures, Websites Design, and more. You can contact us should you want us to design a custom logo for you. All you have to do is visit our website Reetu Graphic Designer.

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