How to Design Effective Business Card

How to design an effective business card Canada

How to Design Effective Business Card

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How to Design a Professional Business Card | How to Design an Effective Business Card Ideas

Business cards, calling cards, info cards call them exactly what you want but when properly designed you carry a powerful device in your pocket.

You may like business cards or hate them completely. When they can be annoying to carry with you in a moment, and when you have a beautiful and meaningful card, you never regret the decision to pass them.

Benefits of Design Business Card

First, discuss the pros of having a business card on hand. As someone who regularly forgets their debit/visa at home, it can be difficult to remember to bring your card with you. I have been to networking events a few times when I find out I have forgotten my cards at home. Queues of sad music.

However, when you remember your card and someone asks you, you feel like the total owner is passing it, especially if it looks well-designed and professional.

Designing Your Business Card Canada

Whether you decide to go with a pre-made template or create your unique design, I have listed what you should include in your card, what to do, as well as to help you Design tips as well.

Business cards come in all shapes and sizes with all types and contact information. It depends on what works best for you. The design tips below are based on standard 3.5-inch x 2-inch cards printed front and back. I encourage you to explore various size options and printer options.

How to design a professional business card

How to Design the front of your Business Card

The front of your business card usually includes your logo and tagline, if you have one. You can have a colorful background, add patterns or graphics, but your logo should be the first thing that people see on the front of the card. Any graphics must be secondary and not far from your logo.

As you can see in the example below I have a business name front and center and some pictures from the side that do not interfere with the logo.

The back Design of your Business card Ideas

The back of your business card is where all your information lives. Before you start designing a good idea to explore the hierarchy. What information is most important to you? Most business cards follow this format:

Position in company

Website URL Link
E-mail Address

Phone Number
Social Profile Links

Since your name is likely, it is a good idea to have people look at it in advance to make the font size slightly larger than the rest of the information.

Your position in the company will likely be in your name. When designing a business card it is usually positioned in the same font size as your contact information but is styled slightly differently for contrast and hierarchy.

Here are some ideas to add to your Business Card:

  • Enter Your first and last name
  • Enter Your position in the company
  • Enter Your business email
  • Enter your phone number
  • Enter Your social Links.
  • Enter Your tagline
  • Enter Your logo

When you start designing a business card for someone, you will notice one thing; When you ask if they can do this, no one will say “No, I can’t”. But this does not mean that they will do a good job.

You need to make sure that you can trust the designer you are working with because we believe, designing business cards is not an easy task. The person you trust needs to work in such a way that everyone can tell who you are by looking at that small place.

Being able to recognize the design you are presenting is important, so here are some tips on what to look for in an attractive and effective business card design.

How Design Effective Business Card Canada 2021

Learn The Basic Design Business Card principles

As with all other printed materials, some standards also apply to business cards. Some of these standards are listed below:

Leave room for bleed/trim, usually 3 mm or 5 mm (1-2 in) from the edge (depending on printer).
Always ensure that everything is done at the highest resolution possible (300dpi) to prevent any pixilation/blurring.
Text size should not be smaller than 8, exceptions may occur. Size 8 is the smallest size the human eye can read comfortably.
Everything should be done in the CMYK color setting unless spot colors are being used.

Due to the size, you do not have much room to work. Therefore, there is a need to make the design the best available. Your logo, or your business name, should be the basis of your business card, and everything else will be built around it. Contact information and social media handles must be strategically placed to use the space wisely.

And don’t forget, your design can get busy very quickly. sometimes less is more.

Make your Business Card useful

If your business card has a use other than having just a piece of paper in someone’s wallet, people will hesitate to throw it away. Think of ways to design your card in a way that serves multiple purposes. Do you know that people make business cards that are bottle openers, phone stands, rulers, even cheese graters?

Making your cards useful will encourage people to keep them around, and they will become a constant memory of your existence in the back of their minds. This is a very good business.

Use to Creative Design Business Card

Your business card is the first form of identification of someone in your business and can be the first step towards building a certain reputation. Different design styles can tell different stories about who you are. While an art studio may require a more colorful and creative design on the card, a law firm is likely to go with a more classical look.

Enhance and update it

If you want to use your business card for 5 years, then make sure you can. But when you are surrounded by rival companies, you need to separate yourself from them; This can be done by keeping your design fresh and evergreen. Your business may not age, but designs easily do. Keeping up with new trends is the best thing for your image.

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